Some of our frequently asked questions

Is it free to join?


Is there an iPhone App?


Is there an Android App?


Is my data kept private?

Your email address is ALWAYS kept hidden from everyone on the MoodPanda site.

There is an optional privacy mode for your mood diary, which will give you privacy from the community - it will prevent anybody seeing your mood diary ratings on the MoodPanda website, and your name and details will not be listed anywhere on the MoodPanda website.

By default, you do not have privacy mode enabled. Your posts are entirely visible to the public using your registered first name and the initial of your surname e.g. "Jake G". We never ask for your full name or your date of birth, so MoodPanda can be totally anonymous if you wish to use a nickname or pseudonym.

We suggest that you consider your MoodPanda posts public. The online world is never entirely risk free, and we wouldn't want you to have problems from sharing too much information. With that in mind, imagine that your posts may be read by the public and write as such. Perhaps don't mention people's full names, or post personally identifiable information about yourself e.g. your address or contact details

If you have privacy mode disabled, your posts are available via public APIs so that you can integrate your MoodPanda with your other software e.g. FitBit

Will anyone be reading my mood ratings?

If privacy mode is enabled your mood ratings won't be publicly visible anywhere on the website, no one else will be able to see your mood diary. Otherwise you'll be a member of the MoodPanda community and others including people not logged in to MoodPanda will be able to see your posts.

To enable privacy mode, login to the website, go to your account settings, and click Enable Privacy.

Will you send me Junk email?

Definitely not. We hate spam email as much as you do. Your email address is used to register in the same way you do with Facebook - to uniquely identify you and provide security for your account. We may occasionally send service related emails and you'll need to receive an email to reset passwords etc, so its essential you register with a valid email.

How do I link my account to Twitter and Facebook?

We no longer support this feature, for data privacy reasons.

Can I delete my account?

If you wish to remove your account, login and go to your account settings and follow instructions there.

What are the pandas next to my name?

The more days you track on MoodPanda the more Panda heads you get next to your name - with targets to hit to earn the heads.

I have more questions

Please feel free to contact our support pandas, via the Contact Us link below.